The Jubba for kids attracts children from all faiths

thobe for kidsIslam has a great tradition. One of the most revered ones is the attires they have especially for the males. The thobe is the name of this overflowing robe that extends from the neck region right up to the ankles. The Islamic religion does not believe in exposing too much of skin. However, in the Arab countries, no one can expose much skin because of the heat of the sun during the day. One has to cover as much as possible. At the same time, the dress should allow the free flow of air through the body. The thobes can do this job with ease. Hence, you find the kids in Arabia wearing these special thobe for kids.

The thobe can provide the right kind of protection from the sun as well as during sandstorms. Of course, the children and women in the Arabian countries do not move out much into the open. Hence, you find the kids not wearing the thobe much. It is only when they venture out that they wear the Jubba for kids. They also do so when they go out for prayers.

In other countries, you do not usually find the Muslim people wearing the white thobes for the simple reason that the climate does not require them to wear it. Hence, you find the variant of the thobe also known as Kameez or the Jubba. You have a shorter version as well known as the Kurta. The Kurta is more of an ornamental garment as compared to the Jubba. You find more of embroidery and designing on the Kurta than on the thobe which is more of a simple overflowing tunic.

The thobes are signature garments for the Islamic communities. This garment has been around for quite a long time. You have instances in history where the Bedouin tribes in Arabia used to wear this garment during their travels in the desert. This overflowing dress might look very uncomfortable when you look at it for the first time. However, these thobes are very useful in the desert climate.

Jubba for kids

Where can you get these jubba for kids? Any retail garment store selling traditional Islamic garments will have these jubba for kids. You can also find the children from other religions also wearing these robes today. There is no restriction as such that only Muslims can wear them.

These dresses are also available online at online retail shops like This is the perfect website if you have to purchase traditional Islamic garments like thobes, burqas, and Muslim embroidered caps. In addition to getting international quality garments, you get them at low prices as well. This online store can get you attractive discounts.

In addition to the white traditional robes, you have the colorful thobes for kids. The embroidered ones are more in demand than the ordinary plain ones. is the right place to go when you decide to buy the Islamic thobes. This is a regal garment to have under all circumstances irrespective of the climate.

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